Deploi is a Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artist whose raw content and electrifying live performances have generated fans all over the map. His music is a trip into the fundamentals of Hip-Hop at its purest form (Beat, Rhymes, and Life). No Frills, No Trills.

He creates an in-your-face, feel good party vibe, yet partying isn't the only topic that concerns this lyricist. He also spreads a politically conscience, uplifting message of empowerment to the masses. His natural talent and charismatic antics are guaranteed to get any track or venue energized.

Deploi's specialty is moving crowds and he's done so from Austin to Minneapolis, Las Vegas to New York, Costa Rica to Canada, and all the way to Sweden. He's a proven crowd pleaser who supplies a Feel Good message in a powerful live show provided by the House of Vibe All-Stars.


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